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Die, 30. Sep 14, 11:00

Timo Weigand (Uni Heidelberg): F-theory and the geometry of particle physics

Abstract:The success of quantum field theory in the quantitative description of particle physics at observable energy scales is unprecedented. At the same time, combining particle physics with gravitational dynamics in a...

Die, 30. Sep 14, 09:00

Peter Schupp (Jacobs University Bremen): Generalized Geometry, Strings and Gravity

Abstract:Among the intriguing features of fundamental theories of extended objects are novel types of symmetries and generalized notions of geometry. Remnants of these symmetries, encoded in generalized geometry, have the...

Mon, 29. Sep 14, 16:00

Manfred Salmhofer (Uni Heidelberg): Mathematical and physical aspects of correlated-fermion systems

Abstract:After a brief introduction to some phenomena of current interest in correlated-fermion systems, in connection to unconventional superconductivity and magnetism, I will discuss multiscale methods used in their study and...

Mon, 29. Sep 14, 14:00

Stefan Hollands (Uni Leipzig): Black holes and thermodynamics


Black holes display certain properties that have striking analogies to the laws of phenomenological thermodynamics. These properties are often referred to as the `laws of black hole mechanics', and play a key role in...

Mon, 29. Sep 14, 11:00

Stefan Fredenhagen (MPI f. Gravitationsphysik): Strings, Higher Spins and Conformal Field Theory

Abstract:Gauge theories lie at the heart of our understanding of fundamental interactions. On the one hand there are the spin-1 gauge theories like electrodynamics and Yang-Mills theory that form the basis of our standard model...

Mon, 29. Sep 14, 09:00

Johanna Erdmenger (MPI f. Physik): Gauge/Gravity Duality: Foundations and Applications

Abstract:Gauge/Gravity Duality is a new concept based on string theory which relates quantum field theory and gravity. In particular, it maps strongly coupled quantum field theories to simple actions within general relativity. In...

Don, 25. Sep 14, 14:00

Elisabeth Giacobino (France): Quantum storage of photons carrying orbital angular momentum

For quantum information, critical resources are quantum memories, which enable the storage of quantum data. They will also allow the distribution of entanglement at large distances, in order to overcome transmission losses, since...

Mon, 22. Sep 14, 09:00

CoQuS Summer School 2014

The CoQuS Summer School on Quantum Physics will take place at the University of Vienna from 22nd-26th September 2014.

This year's speakers are:

Jens Eisert (Freie Universität Berlin) - Quantum Many Body Theory

Rüdiger Schack...

Mon, 22. Sep 14, 08:30

6th International Conference on Polymer Behaviour from 22-26 September 2014

The ICPB6 conference will be held at the faculty of physics from Sept. 22 to Sept. 26. The aim of the conference is to report and discuss fundamentals, structures, properties and applications of all kinds of polymers both in...

Don, 18. Sep 14, 11:00

Franco Nori (USA): Quantum Circuits as Artificial Atoms on a Chip: a pedagogical introduction

Recent technological advances have made it possible to implement atomic physics and quantum-optics experiments on a chip using artificial atoms. These artificial atoms can be made from either semiconductor quantum dots and, more...

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