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Don, 26. Jun 14, 14:15

Bahman Dehnadi (Univ. Wien): Heavy quark mass determinations from jets

In this talk I will present predictions for the thrust distribution of massive jet production at NNLL.The approach is based on sequences of three different effective field theoretic setups, constructed according to hierarchy of...

Mit, 25. Jun 14, 09:00

Fakultätsöffentliche Präsentation

DoktorandInnen stellen gemeinsam mit ihren BetreuerInnen ihr Dissertationsprojekt vor.


Die, 24. Jun 14, 16:15

Frank Tackmann (DESY, Hamburg): Jet pT Resummation in Higgs Production

Theory predictions for exclusive Higgs + jet cross sections are an integral part of current Higgs analyses that employ jet binning to distinguish between different kinematic regimes and separate contributions from background...

Die, 24. Jun 14, 14:15

Sabina Alazzawi (Univ. Wien): Deformations and inverse scatteringin AQFT

Within the framework of algebraic quantum field theory we discuss recent Approaches to the construction of nontrivial and integrable models.The methods applied allow for rigorous results, including a mathematically sound...

Mon, 23. Jun 14, 17:30

Christoph Simon (Univ. of Calgary): What does it take to observe macroscopic quantum effects?

Observing quantum effects such as superposition and entanglement for macroscopic systems is difficult not just because of decoherence, but also because it is hard to do the necessary measurements. I will describe several ways of...

Mon, 23. Jun 14, 16:00

D. D. Sarma (New Delhi, India): Physics of the interface

There has been an enormous increase in the interest to understand the nature of interface states, following the discovery of a 2-dimensional metallic state at the interface of two highly insulating oxide materials. Subsequent...

Don, 19. Jun 14, 09:00

19 - 22 June 2014 Quantum [Un]Speakables II: 50 Years of Bell´s Theorem

What better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bell’s Theorem than with a conference? With Quantum [Un]Speakables II: 50 Years of Bell's Theorem we celebrate John Bell, his theorem and its consequences by focusing on the...

Die, 17. Jun 14, 17:30

Hinrich Grothe (TU Wien): Biological Ice Nucleation

Abstract: The ice nucleation of bioaerosols (bacteria, pollen, spores, etc.) is a topic of growing interest, since their impact on ice cloud formation and thus on radiative forcing, an important parameter in global climate, is...

Die, 17. Jun 14, 16:15

Sven Moch (DESY, Hamburg): Top-quark theory

Abstract:The current state of precision predictions for top-quark production at the LHC will reviewed.Special emphasis will be put on the definition and the determination of the top-quark mass.An outlook on possible precision...

Die, 17. Jun 14, 14:15

Albert Huber (Univ. Wien): Entanglement in Quantum Field Theory and the Information Loss Paradox

Abstract:In the course of the given talk different methods and techniques will be discussed, which appear to allow a development of entanglement theory not only in the case of systems with finite degrees of freedom but also in...

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