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Don, 18. Dez 14, 16:30

Walter Kutschera (Univ. Wien): The Anthropocene – Reflections on a New Era of our Earth

The term “Anthropocene” was coined in the year 2000 by the atmospheric scientist Paul Crutzen, the 1995 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry [1]. It could indicate our geochronological era on Earth, where the impact of humans on the...

Mit, 17. Dez 14, 13:00

Nathalie Rieger (Pasadena): Topology of maximally extended non-Hausdorff Misner Space and the non-flat Generalization

Abstract: We turn away from the idea that the Misner spacetime should be Hausdorff as was already discussed by previous authors. In lieu thereof we allow the notion of a non-Hausdorff spacetime and construct an analytic non-...

Die, 16. Dez 14, 16:15

Massimiliano Procura (Univ. Wien): Effective field theory methods and direct detection of dark matter

Abstract: I will discuss two applications of effective field theory methods in the context of direct detection of dark matter. In the absence of light mediators in the dark sector we parameterize the interactions of dark matter...

Mon, 15. Dez 14, 17:30

Matthias Troyer (ETH Zürich): High performance quantum computing

More than a century after the development of quantum mechanics we have reached an exciting time where non-trivial devices that make use of quantum effects can be built: quantum random number generators to produce true random...

Mit, 10. Dez 14, 13:00

Federico Carollo (University of Trieste): Environment Induced Entanglement in Mesoscopic Systems

Invitation to a Mini-Symposium “On Entanglement”

Die, 9. Dez 14, 17:30

Rene van Roij (Utrecht): Harvesting “blue” energy from mixing river- and seawater with nanoporous supercapacitors

Vortrag im Rahmen der Chemisch Physikalischen Gesellschaft

Abstract:In this talk we will discuss the harvesting of renewable energy from the spontaneous irreversible mixing of river- and sea-water. A thermodynamic analysis...

Die, 9. Dez 14, 16:15

Claudia Hagedorn (TU München): Phenomenology of scenarios with flavor and CP symmetries

Abstract: I consider a theory (for leptons) with a flavor and a CP symmetry. First, I discuss that the choice of these symmetries is subject to certain constraints. Then, I show that lepton mixing angles as well as the Dirac and...

Die, 9. Dez 14, 14:15

Raphael Holzinger (Univ. Wien): Fuzzy C P^2

Abstract:We discuss fuzzy C P^2, which is a basic example of a 4-dimensionalcompact quantized symplectic space embedded in R^8. The constructionin terms of 3 harmonic oscillator algebras and the relation with representationsof...

Fre, 5. Dez 14, 16:15

George Zoupanos (Univ. Athen): Reduction of Couplings in Quantum Field Theories with applications in Finite Theories and the MSSM

Abstract: We apply the method of reduction of couplings in a Finite Unied Theory and in the MSSM. The method consists on searching for renormalization group invariant relations among couplings of a renormalizable theory holding...

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