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Die, 29. Apr 14, 17:30

Erik Reimhult (Vienna): Core-shell nanoparticles and their assembly

Abstract: Nanoparticles with ultrastable and carefully controlled core-shell structures can be used in biomedical applications, e.g., as biomedical imaging contrast agents and for hyperthermia [1], but they are also attractive...

Fre, 11. Apr 14, 14:15

Dominik Lin (Univ. Wien): Phase transition in random catalytic networks

Joint seminar series „Analysis of Complex Systems“ (Med Uni Vienna) „Complex Stochastic Systems“ (Uni Vienna)

Abstract: Phase transitions are one of the most interesting topics in physics. They occur in various physics-related...

Don, 10. Apr 14, 16:30

Peter Steier (Vienna): The AMS Isotope Uranium-236

Over the last years, the Vienna Environmental Research Accelerator (VERA) was continuously extended to optimize the detection of the long-lived radioisotope uranium-236. It is now the first AMS system reaching the abundance...

Don, 10. Apr 14, 14:15

Peter Michor (Vienna): Overview on geometries of shape spaces, diffeomorphism groups and spaces of Riemannian metrics

ABSTRACT:1. A short introduction to convenient calculus in infinite dimensions.2. Manifolds of mappings (with compact source) and diffeomorphism groupsas convenient manifolds3. A diagram of actions of diffeomorphism groups4....

Mit, 9. Apr 14, 16:00

Physik-Alumni & ihre Berufe 2014

Vier Alumni der Fakultät für Physik erzählen von ihrem beruflichen Werdegang und beantworten Fragen zur Übergangsphase vom Studium zum Beruf aus persönlicher Perspektive.


Dr. Gérard Presle, Österreichische...

Die, 8. Apr 14, 17:00

Paul Winkler (Vienna): Nanoparticle dynamics in aerosol systems

One of the most challenging aspects related to aerosol research is the fact that aerosol particles often exhibit highly dynamic behavior by which particles may be formed spontaneously from the gas-phase and/or shifted in size...

Die, 8. Apr 14, 16:15

Ioanis Malamos (Valencia): On the tree-loop Duality

The tree-loop Duality is a method of calculating loop Amplitudes and Integrals.We will start with definitions and derivation of the tree-loop Duality theorem in the one-loop case. We will extend the method to cases with more than...

Die, 8. Apr 14, 16:00

Oliver Rinne (Potsdam): The interface between analytical and numerical approaches to general relativity

Numerical methods provide useful insights into open problems in general relativity that may serve as a guide towards mathematical analysis. In turn, numerical simulations benefit from an improved mathematical understanding of the...

Die, 8. Apr 14, 12:00

Rupert Holzinger (Utrecht): Aerosols and Climate Change


Despite tremendous progress in understanding sources and processing of atmospheric aerosol, human induced changes on the aerosol cycle contribute the largest uncertainty to estimates of the total anthropogenic climate...

Die, 8. Apr 14, 11:00

Jürgen Hauer (TU Wien): Understanding quantum effects in biology and in functionalized nanoscale systems

Modern research has been fascinated by how efficiently solar photons are converted into chemical energy in photosynthesis; nine out of ten absorbed photons reach the reaction-center to create a charge separated state as the basis...

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