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Fri, 9. Jun 17, 14:00

Als PhysikerIn oder MathematikerIn in die Unternehmensberatung?


Die Unternehmensberatung McKinsey & Company lädt Studierende, AbsolventInnen und DoktorandInnen der Physik und Mathematik an der Universität Wien herzlich ein, bei ihrer Informations- und Vortragsveranstaltung...

Thu, 8. Jun 17, 16:30

Hendrik J. Bruins (Israel): Radiocarbon Dating of Bronze Age Stratigraphies at Ashkelon in comparison to Tell el-Dabca: The Flow of Time from Dynasty 12 to the Minoan Santorini Eruption

Ashkelon was the major city-state along the southern Mediterranean coast of Canaan during the Middle Bronze Age (MB). Stratigraphic Phases 14, 13, 12, and 11 relate to four successive stages of a mudbrick city gate. The material...

Thu, 1. Jun 17, 16:30

Wolfgang L. Reiter (Vienna): Hans Thirring - ein Leben im Spannungsfeld von Physik und Politik

Der theoretische Physikers Hans Thirring (1888 – 1976) ist durch die gemeinsame Arbeit mit Josef Lense (1890 – 1985) zur Wirkung rotierender Massen in der Allgemeinen Relativitätstheorie (Lense-Thirring-Effekt) bekannt. Sein...

Wed, 31. May 17, 09:00

Börse der Forschungsarbeiten

Im Rahmen der „Börse der Forschungsarbeiten“ informieren die Forschungsgruppen der Fakultät für Physik am Mittwoch, 31. Mai 2017, 9:00h - 12:00h, künftige Master-, Diplom- und Doktoratsstudierende über potentielle...

Tue, 30. May 17, 17:30

Joachim Curtius (Frankfurt/Main): Aerosol and Cloud Formation in a Changing Climate: Results from the CLOUD experiment at CERN

Vortrag im Rahmen der Chemisch Physikalischen Gesellschaft

Atmospheric aerosols and clouds reflect and absorb sunlight as well as terrestrial radiation and have a major influence on Earth's energy budget and the water cycle....

Tue, 30. May 17, 14:15

Andjelo Samsarov (Zagreb): Black hole quasinormal modes in twisted models of matter minimally coupled to gravity

Black hole perturbation is followed by a ringdown phase which is dominatedby quasinormal modes (QNM). These modes may provide key signature of thegravitational waves. The presence of a deformed spacetime structure may distort...

Tue, 23. May 17, 14:15

Yang-Hui He (London): Calabi-Yau Volumes and Reflexive Polytopes

We study various geometrical quantities for Calabi-Yau varieties realized as cones over Gorenstein Fano varieties, obtained as toric varieties from reflexive polytopes in various dimensions. We concentrate on reflexive polytopes...

Mon, 22. May 17, 16:00

Sun Yan (Germany): Surface Fermi arc states and bulk spin Hall effect in Weyl semimetals

Fermi arc is believed to be one of the most intrinsic proofs for the existence of Weyl semimetals. Our theory calculations in collaboration with ARPES measurement observed the tunable surface Fermi arcs on the surface of...

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